Dr. Nader Pouratian is my hero, and I am his #1 fan.

I had brain surgery 9/2011. Due to over tightening of the halo device (by a different neurosurgeon), I had chronic persistent headaches. I saw over 200 doctors, including the Mayo Clinic, and I was told I would have to live in pain the rest of my life. I had so many misdiagnosis from others that I had almost given up.

Its only took 1 appointment with Dr. Pouratian to identify the issue, and a possible resolution. He laid out all of the risks. I proceeded with the removal of 2 neuromas on the left side of my scalp in July and I had instant improvement (that day). The remaining 2 neuromas were removed in September.

Dr. Pouratian and his staff are amazing! They are prompt, responsive, they do active follow-up, and they really care about their patients. I think he is the best Dr I have ever seen! He has saved my life and given me hope for the first time in years.