You have probably heard of Parkinson’s disease at some point in your life, but you may not be aware of what it is and how it affects the body. You may know that Parkinson’s disease is associated with a noticeable tremor, but the disease is more complex than that single symptom.

Parkinson’s disease is classified as a degenerative disorder of the brain. Parkinson’s disease does primarily affect movement, but not just in the form of a tremor. Parkinson’s disease can also cause muscle stiffness, slowed movement, abnormal posture, and issues with walking. Parkinson’s disease also gets progressively worse over time.

When it comes to treating Parkinson’s disease, understanding the variety and severity of the symptoms is key. If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, contact our office to schedule a consultation with neurosurgeon Dr. Nader Pouratian.