A certain number of patients who have been affected by cancer suffer from pain that is immune to conventional treatment. Cingulotomy is a neurosurgical procedure that is used to treat chronic pain.

People who have pain related to cancer, stroke, and spinal cord injury are the greatest beneficiaries of cingulotomy. If the chest pain has lasted for over six months, and has proven to be immune to conventional treatment, a cingulotomy is the best choice.

This is a safe, FDA approved, non-invasive, and irreversible procedure. In this procedure, a special laser focuses energy and creates small lesions in the anterior cingulate gyrus, the section of the brain responsible for pain perception.

The results of this procedure are positive; with patients reporting a better quality of life afterwards. Not all patients become totally free from pain; they just tend to cope with it better and will also require less medication on daily basis.