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The Difference Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The “funny bone” as it is famously known, is actually a nerve – the ulnar nerve. It continues from the neck region right down to the hand, providing sensation to the little and ring fingers of your hands. Small muscles in your… Click Here to Read More

A Cingulotomy Treats Malignant and Non-Malignant Pain

A certain number of patients who have been affected by cancer suffer from pain that is immune to conventional treatment. Cingulotomy is a neurosurgical procedure that is used to treat chronic pain. People who have pain related to cancer, stroke, and spinal… Click Here to Read More

Parkinson’s Disease: What You Need to Know

Over one million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease in the United States of America, which is characterized by mobility issues, tremors, rigidity, and loss of balance. Even today, scientists are unable to find the exact cause of the disease. However, they believe… Click Here to Read More

Facial Pain May Be a Result of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Are you facing immense facial pain from activities as simple as putting makeup or brushing your teeth? It is common for people suffering from trigeminal neuralgia to experience discomfort when you stimulate your face. It can start off as mild and short… Click Here to Read More

Migraine or Headache?

A lot of people don’t know what the differences are between a migraine and a headache. Distinguishing between the two is important, because they require different treatments. The key to understanding the difference is knowing the symptoms that each one produces. Headaches… Click Here to Read More

Spinal Cord Stimulation Los Angeles

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) are used to treat those who suffer with chronic pain that is not responding to other types of therapy. SCS and PNS work by interrupting the normal sensations of pain to block the… Click Here to Read More

Easy Tips for Enhancing Your Brain Function

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and maintaining healthy cognitive function can be a difficult thing to do on your own. The good news is that keeping your brain healthy doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. Neurosurgeon Dr. Nader Pouratian… Click Here to Read More

Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia with Balloon Compression

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic condition that causes a person to experience sharp jolts of pain in the face. The pain typically occurs in episodes that vary in severity and length. Thankfully, there are options for treating trigeminal neuralgia that can very… Click Here to Read More

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition that can cause the suffer to experience numbness, tingling, and pain in the arm and hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in the hand becomes compressed or pinched around the wrist…. Click Here to Read More

Do You Experience Sharp Jolts of Pain in Your Face?

Do you sometimes experience a sudden and severe and sharp jolt of pain in your face whenever you make even the slightest of motions using your facial muscles? You may be suffering from a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is… Click Here to Read More

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